The CEU Alumni Association (AFA)

CEU Alumni Council & President John Shattuck

The CEU Alumni & Friends Association (CEU-AFA) is a network of national alumni chapters, clubs and individual alumni. The purpose of this association is to support the University by fostering a spirit of connectivity and loyalty among CEU alumni and friends. The Association serves to establish and enhance mutually beneficial, enduring relationships between the University and its graduates, helping them to remain involved and active in the global CEU network.

The Association’s activities are coordinated by an international volunteer group of alumni known as the CEU Alumni Council. The Council regularly elects its Executive Board, whose members oversee and manage the Association's day-to-day activities. For the purpose of effective planning and implementation of CEU-AFA programs, the Alumni Council has also formed a number of committees, listed below.

Committee membership is open to all members of CEU-AFA.

CEU Alumni & Friends Association

Alumni Council Executive Board:

Stefan Cibian (Romania, MPP '06)
Aida Ghazaryan (Armenia, LEGS '00)
Zofia Pazitna (Slovakia, SOCL ’08), Co-chair
Serge Sych (Ukraine, IRES '97), Co-chair
Bermet Tursunkulova (Kyrgyzstan, IRES ’99)

Recruitment and Admissions Committee:

Nurlan Djenchuraev (Kyrgyzstan, ENVS '99)
Jakub Leps (Czech Republic, POLS'98)
Anar Mehdiyev (Azerbaijan, ENVS '02)
Siarhei Salei (Belarus, MEDS '98)*
Marianna Skuratovska (Ukraine, HIST '95)
Helena Zhidkova (Russia, HIST '96)* - chairperson

Communications Committee:

Fuad Aliyev (Azerbaijan, POLS' 02)*
Elitsa T. Andreeva (Bulgaria, SEES '99)*
Aida Ghazaryan (Armenia, LEGS '00)
Anca Gheaus (Romania, POLS '99, GENS '00)
Mykhaylo Salnykov (Ukraine, ENVS '02), Chairperson

Development and Fundraising Committee:

Viktoria Karpatska (Ukraine, IRES '01)*
Svetlana Kulikova (Kyrgyzstan, POLS '95),* Chairperson
Sergiy Shtukarin (Ukraine, IRES '03)
Sara Svensson (Sweden, POLS '99)*
Rustam Yuldashev (Uzbekistan, POLS '98)
Roman Zhuk (Ukraine, ECON '97)

Career Network Committee:

Holly Bouma (USA, SOCI '99)
Aliaksej Lashuk (Belarus, LEGS '04) - Chairperson
Liudmila Liutsko (Belarus, ENVS '97)*
Zornitsa Stefanova (Bulgaria, POLS '98)
Patrik Zoltvany (Slovakia, IRES '98)

*Non-voting member of the Alumni Council. See Article V., Section 2/b of the CEU-AFA Constitution.

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